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Volume #62 2023

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VOLUME 62 TRACKED CHANGES offers 11 of the most celebrated architects and thinkers hindsight to their earlier interview in VOLUME. Supported by their former interviewers and critics VOLUME travels from social-democratic development of Portugal in the 70s with ÁLVARO SIZA, to a passionate KISHO KUROKAWA and unusually critical RENZO PIANO in the 90s, early internet predictions by SASKIA SASSEN on the brink of the 00s, to the influence of social media and design with BJARKE INGELS and ANDRÉS JAQUE in the 00 and 10s, amongst much more and many others. This issue of VOLUME is a temporal deep dive and wealth of reflection which stretches beyond architecture and design. This special editions has no less than 8 different covers! VOLUME 62: Tracked changes present a selection of the best interviews done by VOLUME and its predecessors from the early 1980s until the 2010s. From the all-star names in architecture – your Piano, Siza, Ito and Ingels – to surprising and compelling non-architects like Noam Chomsky and Saskia Sassen. The interviews are not taken at face value, but, when possible, opened up to the original authors to offer any hindsight developed in the years that followed. Do they still recognize their own words? How did they age? Where the right questions on the table? Have issues been solved? Or are parts of our discourse a simple historical rhyme that never ends? In addition VOLUME also asked a diverse range of experts to weigh in and give more context to either the interviewee and/or the moment of time. The result is an illuminating, truly layered celebration of space in between. What started as a quick and dirty idea of reissuing what is already there became something more messy, taking way more time and energy than first considered, but also so much more revealing of the lives we live and our frail relationship with time. VOLUME 62: Tracked changes features interviews with Alejandro Zaera-Polo, Álvaro Siza, Andrés Jaque, Bjarke Ingels, John Hejduk, Kisho Kurokawa, Malkit Shoshan, Noam Chomsky, Renzo Piano, Saskia Sassen and Toyo Ito.



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