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Villa Baizeau – Le Corbusier & Jeanneret – Simple Architecture

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A dialogue between architectural history and design, in homage to Le Corbusier’s theoretical vision behind the construction of the Villa Baizeau in Carthage.
The social, economic, constructional, environmental and climatic issues that, at the start of the twenty-first century, have called into question the foundations of the architectural project make up the theoretical background to the book devoted to the villa that Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret built in Carthage for Lucien Baizeau, Blanche Thiéblin and their family.
The book is organized around two complementary analytical perspectives. The first is devoted to the history of Villa Baizeau, providing a full understanding of its reasons and meanings, its genesis, its theoretical importance, the role of the client and the joy provided by the house to the family, with the aim also of gathering the knowledge necessary for its restoration as a fundamental architecture of the twentieth century. The second is open to some of the greatest protagonists of architecture today and is in line with the cultural strategy of Le Corbusier, who was always able to reconsider his works in the light of contemporary phenomena, even through graphic manipulations, inverted plans and reversed photographs, in order to discover their unexpected potential. Thanks to these two lines of thought, history and architectural design engage in a dialogue that pays homage to Le Corbusier’s theoretical vision.



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