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Utopia Ending – Gianluca Calise

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Utopia ending investigates the urban transformation of London since the 2012 Olympics, and includes photographs taken between 2014 to 2019. Through images and text, including three interviews and a final essay, the author compares the current finance-driven development of the city with the post-WWII expansion based on council houses: investments in social housing have been almost entirely eradicated and the new buildings are more financial assets for global investors, rather than homes for Londoners. Gianluca Calise is an Italian photographer specialized in long-term documentary projects. His research focuses on social issues and on themes related to identity, belonging and memory. 2019 Daylight Photo Award juror’s pick, finalist at Urban Photo Awards 2018 and Charta Dummy Award 2021, his works have been published and exhibited internationally.

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