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Traffic Space is Public Space

Traffic Space is Public Space

Ein Handbuch zur Transformation / A Handbook for Transformation

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Public space is essential to vital cities and inclusive, resilient societies. But how might we create more of it in our densely packed cities? The solution is lying before us: the vast amount of space that can be reclaimed by transforming areas dominated by cars and now congested with traffic into truly public spaces. more

But before we can do that, we must work toward a better balance between mobility and place: more room for pedestrians and cyclists, much less for cars and trucks transporting both people and goods. Traffic Space Is Public Space is no traditional book on planning principles in urban design. It won’t give you a rigid set of rules. But it will introduce you to new approaches and strategies to trigger change: networking, shared use of space, a circular urban metabolism and the revitalization of local economies, a participative process involving local businesses, and an appropriate aesthetic. Packed with inspiring projects from around the world, including some from the authors own urban planning and design firm, Artgineering, Traffic Space Is Public Space offers forward-looking insights into how we can increase the quality of space and thus life in in our cities.



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