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Snohetta - Architecture and Construction details


Architecture and Construction Details

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Snøhetta – snow cap – is the name of the architecture firm founded in 1989 by architects of different nationalities to deal with architecture, landscapes and everything else related to these fields. more

The linking of various disciplines on equal footing is at the heart of the work of this internationally active group of “professionals”. According to Snøhetta, a livable environment and successful architecture can only come about through a common creative process in which much may and must be questioned and constantly reconsidered. A building is thus never just the work of an individual, but the result of many. As complex as its way of thinking, as varied as its projects, this monograph presents all projects that have been published in DETAIL in recent years.

– Landscapes, freedom and social spaces – the Snøhetta philosophy
– Insights into processes
– Numerous construction details



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