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Salento Moderno

An Inventory of Private Houses in Southern Puglia

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Salento Moderno collects a repertoire of private homes built in Salento, in the region south of Lecce, from the fifties to the present: single and two-family houses that for quality and variety represent a unique case of spontaneity and aesthetic anarchy in the entire Italian landscape. more

 The survey is conducted with the contribution of three photographers and two historians of architecture and looks at a real phenomenon from a new perspective. In the south of Salento, in the area between the Capo di Santa Maria di Leuca, Porto Cesareo on the Ionian Sea, and San Foca on the Adriatic coast, the building industry is based on a solid craft tradition that, in open contrast with any institutional architectural trend, has generated eccentric, free, fluid architecture. Investigating private living and its relations with public space, the book opens a reflection on taste, celebrating its variety and imaginative abilities.

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