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Robotic Force Printing

A Joint Workshop of MIT / ETH / Tongji

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This book is a documentation of the joint workshop of MIT, ETH and Tongji University, which integrates COMPAS and FURobotic to explore the advances in additive manufacturing and robotic fabrication About ten years ago, Professor Stanford Anderson from MIT initiated the joint-workshop program with Tongji University in Shanghai and has continued his decade-long collaborations with us since then. more

The Robotic Force Printing Workshop this year can be seen as a respectful tribute and continuity to such tradition. Philip F. Yuan, a professor of Tongji University and the founder of Fab-Union Technology was in collaboration with Professor Philippe Block of ETH throughout the 23-day workshop. In addition to the design-fabrication studios, the workshop also consists of three field trips in association with one academic forum, four public lectures and a series of teaching modules on fundamental concepts of COMPAS and FURobotic to explore the integration between novel structural designs and the advances in additive manufacturing and robotic fabrication.

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