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Quirino de Giorgio

An Architect's Legacy

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Quirino De Giorgio: An Architects Legacy, the first English-language book dedicated to the Italian architect, is a constellation of his surviving buildings shown through the eyes of photographer Enrico Rizzato. more

In Rizzato’s pictures, each one of the ninety surviving works will showcase the universality of De Giorgio’s projects and the transformations that time has stamped on his creations, taking the reader on a voyage across the different facets of Italian architecture. Accompanying site plans, floorplans and sections provide deeper insight into De Giorgio’s spatial, structural, urban, and landscaping inventions. An opening essay will introduce the reader to the still relatively unknown method and life of this highly original yet still too little known architect. The book also includes a full list of De Giorgio’s works that has been reconstructed here for the first time through extensive archival work.

Sold out


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