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Helmut Höge

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The revised new edition of the “Pollerforschung” collects texts by H. Höges from the years 1989 to 2009. In his attentive observations of the city, the pitfalls of an object easily overlooked in everyday life appear. With a theoretical vision, Höge measures the effectiveness of urban furniture, explores its psychogeographic significance and follows the idiosyncratic appropriations of the bollard by the inhabitants of the city.more

Today, when inner cities are buffed and transformed into high-security zones in the name of terror defence, Helmut Höge's investigation of a political economy of street boundary posts and other forms of urban furniture proves to be a revealing contribution to the understanding of contemporary urban development. Improved and extended new edition. Edited by Philipp Goll. With epilogs by Ann Cotten, Christoph Eggersglüß, Philipp Goll, Frederic Ponten and Georg Stanitzek.

Sold out


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