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Objective Netherlands

Objective Netherlands

Changing Landscape 1974-2017

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In 1974, Reinjan Mulder placed a coarsely-woven grid on top of a map of the Netherlands and set off to photograph the 52 resulting intersections. His aim was to capture the objective reality of the Netherlands, uncoloured by traditions, accessibility, and beauty ideals. more

The project was exhibited at the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum 42 years later, and was re-photographed by photographer Cleo Wächter, on request of Government Advisor for the Physical Living Environment Berno Strootman. Working with unparalleled precision, Wächter succeeded in contributing her own artistic perspective and completed the re-photography project in 2017. The two photo series are now combined in this book.

Sold out

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Dimensions: 30 × 24 × 1.7 cm