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Nadogradnje: Urban Self-Regulation in Post-Yugoslav Cities

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After the territorial division of former Yugoslavia, the political and social turns as well as a rapid transformation from a socialist planned economy into a neoliberal market economy and high pressure of urban development met weak public institutions which had not yet adapted to the post-socialist and post-war order. New urban and architectural orders of varying scale bear witness to this development and are firmly rooted in the cityscape, both visually and structurally. more

One of the side-efffects of this to a large extent deregulated situation was the informalisation of public space. As a consequence of privatisation of municipal residential buildings, for example, many of these buildings were extended with 1 to 3 storeys. The photographic work of Gregor Theune shows examples of this type of urban self-regulation in post-Yugoslav cities and raises questions about the urban system with all of its local actors and dependencies. With Gregor Theunes photographs as a visual starting point, Nadogradnje brings together a pictorial approach to urban landscapes and scientific positions by international authors of various disciplinary backgrounds in order to open a wide field of discourse on the Balkan‘s informal architecture.

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