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Liquifer: Living Beyond Earth

Architecture for Extreme Environments

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Conquering the extremes: LIQUIFER Systems Group, a design and research firm based in Vienna and Bremen, has been addressing the issue of human life on planet Earth and elsewhere in the universe for two decades. Their work demonstrates how considerate technology-based design solutions and careful use of available resources can enable us to live in space. Their concepts, feasibility studies, and technological developments all deal with the key issue of scarcity that defines life everywhere: on Mars, on the Moon, in orbit as well as on Earth. LIQUIFER Systems Group’s projects range from a simulated Mars mission in Spain’s Rio Tinto region and the interior design for the habitation module of the planned Gateway space station, to the EDEN ISS mobile greenhouse in Antarctica and biogenerative studies in which microbes are integrated into buildings to generate energy and recycle materials. LIQUIFER. Living Beyond Earth is the first book to present the practice’s groundbreaking work. It features spectacular images and visualizations, detailed plans, and drawings that are supplemented with an introdutcion by and a conversation between the LIQUIFER team, as well asa prologue and an epilogue by renowned American space architects Brent Sherwood and Christina Ciardullo. It enables the reader to delve into the visionary world of Europe’s leading space design firms.

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