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Klein Wonen – Small Homes

Jacqueline Tellinga

25,23  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

Will tiny housing become the new normal? By the middle of this century, more than four out of every ten people will live alone. All the more reason to examine the development of small homes. more

The BouwEXPO Tiny Housing started in 2016 with a competition, open to everybody. The winners built sixteen houses, some free-standing or semi-detached, others in the form of apartments. All homes received residential building permits and are now lived in. They have become a source of inspiration for tiny housing initiatives elsewhere – on vacant sites as infill developments or on roofs, or as full-fledged new-build neighbourhoods.

This book documents the houses and charts the production process: from development plan, design review procedure to site layout. From land lease
agreements, temporary use, environmental permit to the equivalence provision in the Dutch Buildings Decree.

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