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el croquis #223 – Tuñón y Albornoz

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Tuñón y Albornoz Arquitectos is an architecture firm based in Madrid, dedicated to the encounter of the practice of design and construction with theory and teaching. Directed by Emilio Tuñón and Carlos Martínez de Albornoz, Tuñón y Albornoz Arquitectos emerged as a natural evolution of Mansilla + Tuñón Arquitectos following the death of the architect Luis M. Mansilla in 2012. For the most part, the work of Tuñón y Albornoz Arquitectos has resulted from winning national and international competitions, and it has been recognized with the following awards: Fuera de Serie Award (2023), Architecture in Extremadura Award (2021), XV BEAU Award – Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism (2021), AMO Award (2021), New Bauhaus Award (2021) COAM Luis M. Mansilla Award (2021), Architecture Masterprize (2020), FAD Award (2019), COAM Award (2019), Architizer A+ Award (2019), Eduardo Torroja Award (2018), FAD Architecture Award (2017), First Prize ENOR Awards (2017), BigMat National Award (2017), CSCAE Spanish Architecture Award (2017), American Architecture Award, AAP (2017), XIII BEAU Award for Heritage and Transformation (2016), X BIAU Award – Ibero-American Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism (2016), Spanish Architecture Award (2016), COAM First Prize (2016).

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