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Digitalisierung und Architektur in Lehre und Praxis

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We are currently in the middle of a second wave of digitization that is affecting both our everyday and our working lives. This is also the case for architecture. Today, however, we are no longer simply talking about uploading and displaying data or creating virtual rooms and objects, but rather about available options for linking and further processing them. Designations such as the “Internet of Things” along with smart technologies and, based on them, concepts like Smart Cities suggest a total networking of objects, spaces and people using algorithms. The connections between our physical and digital worlds are becoming more diverse and complex. What does this mean for architecture, building and architecture education? Which digital tools and programs are used and how do they facilitate planning, executing and designing our physical environment? This book aims to highlight findings on the development of architectural ideas and their translation into the built environment in the context of digitization. It shows how architects work today and what characterizes contemporary architectural practice.



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