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Hosting Life - ChartierDalix


Hosting Life - Architecture as an Ecosystem

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Since they established their Paris-based firm ChartierDalix in 2008, architects Frédéric Chartier und Pascale Dalix have realized some fifteen buildings in France, ranging from multi-unit housing and student dormitories to schools to the transformation of a design center for car maker Renault, a logistics hub, or office and retail spaces. more

Of equal importance as the actual design work is their research to ChartierDalix, in which the architects aim to bring architecture and ecosystems to harmonious concurrence. exemplified by the Biodiversity School and Gymnasium in Boulogne Billancourt near Paris which they completed in 2014. This first monograph explores ChartierDalix’s visionary research and the designs derived from it, with the Boulogne Billancourt school as core of the presentation. Their intense investigation of architecture and nature and the interplay between the two is highly topical and the book a rich inspirational source for anyone interested in the future of building.


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