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Bauhaus Zeitschrift #11 (EN) - Centenary

Bauhaus Zeitschrift #11 (EN)


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This issue is also available in German.

The magazine Bauhaus #11 appears at the end of the major Bauhaus anniversary year. A review as preview. What was, what remains, and, most importantly, what is to come at the Bauhaus Dessau after “100 Years of Bauhaus”? more

The magazine looks back at an eventful jubilee and captures special moments, atmospheres, encounters, and insights. Bauhaus No. 11 presents the radical ideas that the Bauhaus has inspired in 100 young architecture students from all over the world and asks what a modern-day Bauhaus school might look like—it dances on the stage, browses in the building research archive, visits the newBauhaus Museum Dessau, and experiences the Dessau Bauhaus buildings in a completely new way. In the process, it meets Bauhaus experts and newcomers, fans and sceptics, tourists and performance artists, historians and shapers of the future.

Sold out


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