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TWO MONTHS, is a book created entirely during two months in Autumn 2021, the duration of À L'OEUVRE ! residency. How can two months be encapsulated as current, passing time as well all that is being triggered and brought from the past? The human, body - the I, is inevitably at the core of this book. Jennifer's texts confuse the self with the things that surround it as she tries to figure out the consistency of her body, of the day, of two months. Based on the foundation of borrowed ideas, her texts document daily compulsions, object associated behaviours and attachments to things. Everything mixes together in obscure correspondence - bodies, phones, friends, eyes, dust, false memories. These texts pursue the making of the body on the page. Dominika’s texts speak of the visual - yet all is only words, relying on the reader to form the colours, textures and breakages of her description. They traverse times and geographies, as if being knitted or woven. Like acupuncture stimulating points they reveal thoughts, emotions and fragility. Her writing comes in waves, or like water from the gutters, not knowing where one leaves off and the other begins.

One of the cult figures in natural winemaking, Anders Frederik Steen started as a sommelier in his native Copenhagen—first at Noma, then opening Relæ and Manfreds—before starting as a winemaker in southern France in 2013. In the eight years since, Anders has filled notebooks: ruminations on what it means to understand (and misunderstand) wine, taste and pair it, leave the [expand title="more"] restaurant industry behind, where the balance lies between manual skill and abstract philosophy in a winemaker’s practice, and the technical minutiae of someone deep into his craft. These are his notes on wine-making and wine-drinking, but they’re also the doubts and deviations of any learning process and the work that goes into forming any kind of practice. Over the years they show someone exploring the far corners of a discipline in order to come back to the thing itself and eventually grow with it. The book opens with a foreword by French chef Pierre Jancou, whose restaurants, including Racines, Achilles, and Vivant, were among those to redraw the lines of Parisian dining in the early 2000s, pairing exceptional cooking with a wine list that completely eschewed added sulphites. The rest is divided into Anders’ day-to-day notes. With three different colour options for the cover, it spans more than 500 pages—a definitive work, but one that lets you draw your own conclusions about the wines you drink. [/expand]

Last month’s Surprise was a fluffy, fuzzy treat for the eyes. So for November, we thought we’d change it up a bit, with a challenge for the brain courtesy of DNA – Das Neue Alphabet/The New Alphabet! More

Amma is centered around the princess Sita and deals with the concept of ‘purity’. By no means a happy ending, the closure of The Ramayana forces us to question Rama’s behaviour and his obedience to rules set by a patriarchal society. On the other hand, Sita’s beliefs and actions are free from culture. Sita means furrow in sanskrit, she is the daughter of the Earth. [expand title="more"] The pictures composing Amma take us from the seacoast of Sri Lanka, to the city of Ayodhya to the jungle of Bihar, India. Their chromatic scale recreate a world where civilization gradually disappears to leave room to a purely metaphysical space. The Ramayana has neither end nor beginning. It represents the circle of life and therefore it will always be. A Myth of Two Souls (2013-2021) is inspired by the epic tale The Ramayana. Drawing inspiration from the imagery associated with this myth and its pervasiveness in everyday Indian life, Vasantha Yogananthan has retraced the legendary route from Nepal to India to Sri Lanka. First recorded by the Sanskrit poet Valmiki around 300 BC, The Ramayana has been continuously rewritten and reinterpreted, and continues to evolve today. Yogananthan’s series is informed by the notion of a journey in time and space and offers a modern retelling of the tale. The seventh and last chapter, Amma (‘Mother’ in Tamil language) closes the project A Myth of Two Souls, after 437 pictures published over seven books (2016-2021). [/expand]

Taking the form of random journal entries over the course of seven years, Exteriors concentrates on the ephemeral encounters that take place just on the periphery of a person’s lived environment. Ernaux captures the feeling of contemporary living on the outskirts of Paris: poignantly lyrical, chaotic, and strangely alive. [expand title="more"] Exteriors is in many ways the most ecstatic of Ernaux’s books – the first in which she appears largely free of the haunting personal relationships she has written about so powerfully elsewhere, and the first in which she is able to leave the past behind her. [/expand]

Loose Joints is proud to present Photographs, a story of British artist Jack Davison’s experiments with image making from 2007 to present.[expand title="more"]A self-taught photographer, Davison makes pictures like a painter paints, using intuition and instinct to craft photographs that excavate the surreal and sensual from the fabric of daily life. Relying heavily on chiaroscuro and the power of photography to obscure as well as reveal, Davison’s unique, crafted approach to image-making oscillates from crisp, sharp details into dissolving mirages – the world inverted and submerged. With their deep shadows and tight framing, the images in Photographs have an unmistakably cinematic quality; each layered image leaves a breadcrumb trail of associations that extend far beyond its initial context. Despite Jack’s recent successes, he remains humble and all-encompassing in his photography, and the book indistinguishably shifts from staged, meticulous editorial setups to simple everyday occurrences, infused with mystery and depth. Two recurring motifs in Davison’s work are the hand and the eye: here a clenched fist, there caressing a face; here glaring out from a billboard and elsewhere shimmering in a reflection. They represent a dynamic tension within Davison’s work, of seeing versus feeling, or the threshold between perception and imagination. The delicate sequence in Photographs hovers between these two states, creating a complex, soulful interpretation of the world through Jack's enigmatic portraits, landscapes and still lives.[/expand]

Meetings allow us to bring people together to inspire each other, solve problems and make a difference.[expand title="more"]Yet, we all spend too much time in dull, frustrating meetings where little is achieved and even less is followed up on afterwards. In Hold Successful Meetings, executive coach and former Google leader Caterina Kostoula will change all this. Her unique framework will: - Equip you to hold fewer, more purposeful meetings - Create a creative and inclusive environment - Leave participants inspired and ready to take action Whether virtual or in-person, people will leave your meetings inspired by the value you created together and ready to make an impact.[/expand]

This edition of ‘Log’ takes stock of the tumultuous and confronting period that has developed in the months since the previous edition went to press last spring. [expand title="more"]Between the ongoing global pandemic, the Black Lives Matter protests, the Beirut explosion, and the unforgiving forces of nature, there is almost too much to process. Where does all this upheaval leave architecture? In these times of turmoil and introspection, ‘Log’ gathers different voices and stories to present new considerations of collective form, and also offers a special section: The Return of Nature. With contributions by Neeraj Bhatia, Emanuele Coccia, Sylvia Lavin, Gökhan Kodalak, Erin Manning, and others.[/expand]

A portrait of the most powerful man in the world through his own words. To overtrump oneself or others does not necessarily have negative connotations. [expand title="more"]It also means to get the maximum out of oneself, to constantly better ones standing, and to learn from what has come before. With this collection of quotations, Sven Lindhorst-Emme wants to show a broad sampling of Donald Trump‘s verbalizations, and thus, of how he thinks, and ultimately leave it to the reader to create their own picture. The quotations that make up this publication are often contradictory: they impress, shock, surprise, amaze, amuse, provoke anger, sadden, or leave one incredulous and confused. From interviews to television appearances to speeches and a number of social media channels – Donald Trump is everywhere.[/expand]

Wild, rocky cliffs along deserted coasts, empty streets between abandoned houses captured in the break of dawn… These strangely remote places shot by Thuringian photographer Margret Hoppe show what is left of the former Südwall. The Mediterranean Coast, where once the Südwall was built by the Nazis as defense against the Allies during WWII, also gave shelter and inspiration to many German intellectuals as Thomas Mann, Lion Feuchtwanger or Berthold Brecht in exile before the atrocities of the Vichy France finally radiated into the faraway corners of Southern France. Not to forget Aldous Huxley, who wrote his dystopian novel Brave New World in Sanary-sur-Mer, a small village close to Marseille. Having all of this in mind while browsing through this artist book leaves you with a long-lasting and certainly bitter-sweet taste behind, always wondering if you may find tiny indices of what has happened here, within Hoppe’s magnificent photograph series.⁠ Buy ⁠