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This issue examines one of the most ubiquitous, widely recognised and popular fruits on the planet. Large-scale farming has made this tropical fruit accessible almost year-round in most countries, [expand title="more"]while its near-phallic shape frequently stirs the sexual imagination of fully-grown adults. But perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the banana is its role in the beginning and end of our lives; its soft, easy-to-mash texture makes it suitable for both teething babies and the toothless elderly. Learn everything about the banana, from its ripeness and size, to how to peel, handle, and store it. Humorous but informative illustrations and photos complete this authoritative banana guide.[/expand]

The tenth issue looks at toilet paper, the life of which is fundamentally short-lived. Even though its absence is a major cause of panic for toilet users, the toilet roll remains a lowly object, and occasionally even cause for embarrassment. Considering how excreting faeces is a daily affair for most, such sentiments towards a roll of tissue destined to keep one’s hygiene in order seems rather immature. ‘Science of the Secondary’ is a creative project by Singapore-based Alvin Ho and Clara Koh, who together go by HOKO. The series is a way for them to investigate the everyday and rediscover our curiosity about things and practices so familiar that we often overlook them.

Science of the Secondary Plate is the ninth edition in the series of ongoing research conceived and developed by Atelier HOKO. "In spite of the plate’s supposed ubiquity, very little is known and discussed of this practical tableware beyond fine craftsmanship or pretty decorations." [expand title="more"] "While the use of plates has long since settled comfortably in our everyday, our daily interactions with the plate are often from a distance, since we almost never have to touch it throughout an entire meal, not especially during one dominated by presumptuous conversations around magnificent tableware that exists only to impress... "[/expand]

Issue #4: Designing for the Senses: Upon entry into this world, our senses guide our most basic instincts and influence decision-making processes throughout our lives: from the ways we build culture to the people we choose as partners.[expand title="more"]Issue #4 probes the ways that designing for all the senses can lead to embracing the ingredients, flavors, experiences and routines needed to address the coming food crisis. From understanding how the science of our multisensory wiring is fundamental to unlocking environmental and gustatory diversity to a blueprint for designing a truly sustainable, hyper-regional food ecology built on flavor, we focus on geography the shifting nature of our relationship with the built and natural environment. We question the philosophical underpinnings surrounding the hierarchy of the senses and celebrate the joy of eating with the hand while examining how the current landscape of human-computer interaction research that will quantify and amplify our capacity to taste. With writings and artwork from chef Dan Barber (Blue Hill at Stone Barns), David Cuartilles (arduino), Ram Han, Alexis Jamet, Arielle Johnson (noma + MIT Media Lab), Maren Karlson, Marvin Leuvrey, Thomas McCarty, Yasaman Sheri (CIID), Gordon M Shepherd (Neurogastronomy), Justinas Vilutis, Lining Yao (Morphing Matter Lab) and Atelier HOKO (Science of the Secondary).[/expand]

Mysterious forces are said to the miniature version of the cucumber. Whether as substantive indicator for pregnancy, as unbeatable hangover cure or as ultimate super power source for athletes the inconspicuous pickle is much more than a nutrition booster. In it’s latest issue the annual Club Sandwich Magazine has looked deeper in the jar – and came across some rather kooky, unconventional facets and facts about the cornichon. From Austrian artist Erwin Wurm who preferably portraits himself as gherkin in all shapes and sizes, to legendary Henry J. Heinz who became the king of ketchup on behalf of the pickle and the hashtag #touchthepickle as symbol of the women’s liberation in India – just to recall some facts of the extraordinary cultural and historical implication which slumber within this immortal vegetable. Thus, Club Sandwich easily joins our magazine shelf of curiosities right by the side of Macguffin, Science of the Secondary and F Food. Culture – to name only a few of our favourite monothematic feasts. Buy