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This book is part of the Rough Trade Edition. Originally a one-page manifesto, this poignant and funny pamphlet documents over a decade of experiences, both supporting musicians with learning disabilities and being part of a D.I.Y. punk scene. [expand title="more"]Through anecdotes, observations, and the voices of the people he’s met along the way, artist Richard Phoenix shares moments that have stayed with him, and shows us how he re-evaluated his perception of Do-It-Yourself culture. Featuring Daniel Wakeford, Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät, The Fish Police, Beat Express, Robyn Steward, Electric Fire, and more.[/expand]

This book is part of the Rough Trade Edition. Briony Bax leads the reader through the brutal world of mental illness and specifically an account of an individual’s journey with schizophrenia. [expand title="more"]A world where sections, court rooms, locked wards, tribunals, and assessment centres form the backdrop of the daily living of sufferers and caregivers. Through honesty and testimony, it shines a light on the disastrous effects of government austerity measures on the mentally ill.[/expand]

This book is part of the Rough Trade Edition. It’s Going to be a Bright New Day: Would You Rather, with Bonnie Prince’ Billy' is Max Porter asking Will Oldham questions. [expand title="more"]Will Oldham has to say whether he would rather one thing, or another. Many topics are covered, including music, sex, cuisine, literature, and travel. Some people believe that the "Would You Rather" format is better suited to a long car journey than a pamphlet, but we disagree. It works just fine on the page. More than that, it’s very interesting and occasionally profound.[/expand]

This book is part of the Rough Trade Edition. British artist David Shillinglaw transforms the mundane mattress using his textual interventions, so they begin to carry both the meaning of the added words and a heightened sense of their own histories. [expand title="more"] These everyday objects suddenly become playful, philosophical, or literary, drawing our attention to the tension between the domestic and external environments. Whether discarded on the street or abandoned in a junk pile, the soiled mattresses that serve as Shillinglaw’s canvases – spray painting them with often existential wordplays – are simultaneously functional objects and art objects, representative of both our human interactions and our material refuse.[/expand]

This book is part of the Rough Trade Edition. Edgar Allan Poe, P.T. Barnum, Napoleon Bonaparte, Bishop of Nola, Kiki Dee, Hermann von Hemholtz, Buddy Holly, Elton John, Timmy Mallett, [expand title="more"]Jeff Mills, Henry Thoreau, Marquis Yi and a mysterious German musician called Wolfgang all feature in Mathew Clayton's fascinating exploration of the interface between handbell ringing and acid house.[/expand]

This book is part of the Rough Trade Edition. After getting a retweet from American comedian Rob Delaney regarding his own fart joke (something Rob Delaney may well not remember) Babak Ganjei woke up to find a number of film producers from Los Angeles following him. [expand title="more"]Sensing an opportunity somewhere, anywhere, over the next five years Babak used Twitter to pitch film ideas, sadly to no avail. While ill and housebound Babak started to write them down in analogue form and discovered an audience waiting for his films. In Film Ideas, artist Babak Ganjei presents his hallucinatory set of film pitches as both a comic lampoon of Hollywood tropes and a classic example of outsider-self-expression.[/expand] read Review

This book is part of the Rough Trade Edition. Nearly everyone who works in the bar is trying to make it as an artist or something. We are trying to make it as dancers, writers, shoe-makers and DJs, actors, tattooists, costume designers and developers. [expand title="more"]We do not care about the bar and yet we find we cannot help but care a little. This is the story of how we became an odd family. In it you will also find lots of smaller stories, about rescuing a nest of swan eggs, pulling a corpse from the canal, and giving birth to half a watermelon.[/expand]

This book is part of the Rough Trade Edition. In 1977 Savage photographed streets around North Kensington in west London, which, like much of the inner city, had remained derelict since the area was bombed in the Second World War. [expand title="more"]These served as a visual backdrop for collages in the punk fanzine London's Outrage, which he edited. He said punk music 'seemed to point towards this idea of empty urban space'. The novels of JG Ballard also inspired him: 'It was this empty, deserted, depressing, kind of dystopian view of London that seemed to be coming up to the surface.' Savage was a key figure in the punk scene and is an important authority on the movement.[/expand]

This book is part of the Rough Trade Edition. A collection of 13 pieces of courage and resistance, this is work inspired by protests and rallies. Poems written for the women's march, for women's empowerment and amplification, poems that salute people fighting for justice, poems on sexism and racism, [expand title="more"]class discrimination, period poverty and homelessness, immigration and identity. This work reminds us that Courage is a Muscle, it also contains a letter from the spirit of Hope herself, because as the title suggests, Pessimism is for Lightweights.[/expand]

This book is part of the Rough Trade Edition. ‘Diary of a Bootlegger’ is a work of digital cut-outs. The emails, tweets, and text messages here replace the pre-Internet paper scrapbooks of clippings, thoughts, exchanges, in-jokes, and appropriations. [expand title="more"]The form is suggestive of the Sports Banger aesthetic, a clued-in hybrid of political commentary, sportswear chic, and proud class consciousness. Through this curated sequence of customer service emails, twitter “content”, family chats, and warehouse humour, the story of Jonny Banger’s seemingly improbable rise is told, from a DIY outfit bootlegging well-known sports brands to becoming one of the most talked about fashion phenomenons of the last decade.[/expand]