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The latest issue of The Plant is waking nostalgic feelings in us. We can not help but see our little self back in the days in this child on the cover. And so the editors letter did not take us by surprise: " Each issue is like a ritual, marking the passing of time, always identical but always different." [expand title="more"] The 13th issue features touching photographs of flowers and people of Kangra, Woman as Tree by Ana Mendieta, Celtic traditions in northern Spain where children make costumes from plants but also floraless pictures from Palermo and the Manifesta. [/expand]

Unlike most publications in its category, Pressing Matters focuses on the work of printmaking itself instead of the end result of printed products. This includes the techniques, the people and the passionate labour that takes place in the workshops of the printmakers. Pressing Matters makes a little tour to find about some of the hidden ateliers of print from around the world, and with Delita Martins in we see how through embracing a big variety of printing techniques she gives her portraits a sense of power and grace, and from Bristol we learn the story behind the creation of the Bristol Print Collective and the enthusiasm fuelling the creations of its members. Impressing.