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Bad news about climate change, shrinking resources, global health crises, species extinction and growing inequalities cause consternation and insecurity for many people, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic. This book explains in simple but precise terms, aided by Ruedi Baur’s concise illustrations, what “finance” is, and how its most innovative form, sustainable finance, can reconcile the well-being of mankind with the capacities of our planet.[expand title="more"]Is there a way to convince society that a fundamental transition is necessary, or even more: that it is possible? Can sustainable finance help? Financing Our Common Future offers encouraging perspectives by showing how little-known groups of financial stakeholders, such as development banks, are actively working to make sustainable finance happen. The book invites you to enjoy a journey through a multitude of situations, to question our preconceptions and to open our minds to deeper thought, so we can envision ways of moving forward.[/expand]

C41 issue 10 opens up a new chapter for us. A new Renaissance. We became deeply interested in environmental issues and the way we worked changed accordingly: [expand title="more"]we choose to use a biodegradable paper and developed a new format to waste as little paper as possible in the printing process. We remove every excess, from our layout to our contents, focusing on real deep conversations to provide incredible stories of ordinary people living their extraordinary lives. C41 #10 is dedicated to our beloved Italy, to all the people in the contemporary Italian landscape who are trying to reshape our country through art and design. Featuring: Mario Bellini, Giuditta Aresi, Takashi Homma, Johanna Borella, Ugo La Pietra, Carolina Amoretti, Isabella Potí, Marika Zaramella, Formafantasma, Luigi Ghirri, Memphis, Situér, Sonia Marin, Leonardo Di Chiara, Generic Animal, Giulio Ghirardi, Charles H. Traub, Rayon Vert, Sergio Ricciardone[/expand]

The Protest Issue is a collection of vivid writing about what leads people to take to the streets or to speak out in protest. It includes literal and allegorical forms of opposition, from loud and shouty activism, to awkward but neccessary acts of solidarity, and hidden demonstrations of dissent.[expand title="more"] Words by Harry Wilding, Lyn Patterson, Niklas Salmi, Vivian Pencz, Jonathan Pizarro, Kevin Mannion, Veronica Mattaboni, Jesse Little, Oeil Jumratsilpa, Lucy Thorneycroft, Leila Slim Diakomanolis, Sophie Kearing, Shagufta K. Iqbal, Sam Roberts, Sam Burt, Eva Hibbs, Gail Anderson, Adam Schwartz, Chiara Bullen, Elliot Harper, Peter Grandbois, Elle Heedles, Tammy Zhu, Alison Binney. Illustrations by Antoine Doré, Charlotte Bayliss, Connie Noble, Freya Lowy Clark, Hazel Mason, Isip Xin, Jack Holland, Janina Diller, Jared Briggs, Jen Yoon, Jet Hilferink, Lea Linin, Lizzie Quirke, Maisy Summer, Naomi Ann Clarke, Neil Webb, Nell McKeon, Where I Draw, Sabba Khan, Salvador Verano, Sophie Parsons, Sophy Smith.[/expand]

In need of any ideas while staying at home this winter? Why not read this exceptional – and loooong – interview about five friends who used their spring lock-down time rather wisely for the last refinements of their magazine. The very first issue of Superposition is about nothing else than the ‘Hardcore Home’. This wild hodgepodge of absurd and compelling home narratives with an architectural touch – and a beautiful layout – will take you into the hidden, obscure notions of your beloved Home sweet Home!Buy More

Even though it feels kind of weird that a book about bookstores around the world is inspired by our little shop, it’s also kind of cool ; )⁠ And while we still can’t believe that we’ve been in business for more than ten years and perhaps played our part in giving independent publishing a voice, we really want to thank this rich world of print for being part of it and for surprising and inspiring us every day a new. With digital media alone, we would all quickly drown in our own bubble of algorithmic repetition.⁠ But fortunately there are tons of publications that deal with subculture, explore unpopular topics, show visual diversity, make people think, and push the boundaries of print. And fortunately there are independent publishers who are bold and courageous. And fortunately there are independent bookstores that dig through the thousands and thousands of new publications and pick out the unparalleled highlights to bring them to you. And fortunately there are you, too, who are hungry to be surprised and stimulated and astonished and inspired and enthralled.⁠ Happy to be part of this! Buy

Cities are growing and changing faster than ever before, often leaving their citizens frustrated, and people are beginning to worry about saving buildings, empty spaces or even signage. Falsely articulated as a call for nostalgia, the discontent stems in fact from a leap of narrative growing unable to connect yesterday to tomorrow to affirm a sense of belonging. For Desired Landscapes preservation of the urban fabric is intended to leave behind clues of a lived past, as a sign of honesty. This wonderful little magazine is doing its part by preserving a moment in time of a place through storytelling.⁠ Buy

This book is also available in German. Bookstores are more than just places that sell books. They are focal points of communities, a warm welcome to a city, a place for first-time visitors and longtime residents alike to gather in a shared love of the written word. [expand title="more"]They are places where time moves a little slower, where customers can get lost in the pages of a book, or enjoy readings, concerts, and events that bring together like-minded individuals with a thirst for knowledge. Each bookstore is as unique as the diverse customers who frequent them. There are the secret ones tucked away with stacks reaching floor to ceiling; there are minimalist concept stores; there are dazzling book temples. There are ones in apartments, on boats, and in Gothic cathedrals. From Daikanyama Tsutaya Books in Tokyo to Kosmos Buchsalon in Zurich, Do You Read Me? travels the globe to discover these gems and some of the people behind them, who turn an ordinary trip to the bookstore into an extraordinary experience.[/expand] read Review

It is hard to predict when you look at children what they might become one day and how their character and life is going to evolve. And while probably most of us agree that this is because we can not predict the future, it is even more fascinating that the same feeling of “the child as the blank book” hits you when you look at the childhood photographs of famous people in this beautiful, small book. To make the whole thing even more surprising and playful the name of each personality is written on the backside of their photograph. So you will find yourself saying over and over again into the little innocent faces “Really? Is that what you’ve become?”⁠ ⁠ And btw. Mother Teresa was blond!!!⁠ Buy

Many people think of precision, dedication, and order when they think of Japan. And while this is not untrue there is far more magic to this place. Without going there yourself, it is virtually impossible to describe how Japan makes you feel – the tranquillity, the way the light changes when stepping from the street through curtains into the dimm lit wooden interior of an unagi restaurant, the way the trees in the woods swing and you do not know if it is because of the wind or the spirits, the little potted plant gardens along the houses of Tokyo and the old ladies that take care of them, the huge streets full of traffic that never seems loud, the myriads of alleyways the hold hidden soba restaurants… And there we are again, merely describing the given and not being able to transport how it feels. But luckily there is Kennedy Magazine. Chief Editor Chris Kontos was so emotionally taken by Japan that he promised himself to return once a year. And the rest of us he gifted with an issue of Kennedy dedicated entirely to Japan and its people. The sensitive photographs tell a story beyond words, enabling you to travel there in mind.⁠ Buy

Products that Last starts where most books on product development end. This new edition (first self-published by the TU Delft) contains new examples and insights from recent publications. From the perspective of designers and entrepreneurs, once a product has been designed, produced and sold, it disappears beyond the newness horizon. [expand title="more"]They are little aware of the opportunities that exist in the next product universe, where money is made from products in use, as well as from a product’s afterlife. These opportunities clearly exist, otherwise they would not be providing an income for so many people. However, to be recognized as segments of a circle of continuous value creation, they need reframing. The book offers readers an innovative and practical methodology to unravel a product’s afterlife and systematically evaluate it for new opportunities. It introduces business models that enable us to benefit from the opportunities offered by a much longer product life. Products that Last changes the way designers and entrepreneurs develop and exploit goods, helping reduce material and energy consumption over time. Nothing more, nothing less.[/expand]