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The greatest gift of all is spending time with your loved ones. And frankly, what is more rememberable than you tucked in your blanket while your parents are sitting next to your bed and reading to you? Exactly! Saying this, we chose some lovely books for the smallest among us. Whether it is ‘Fünf fabelhafte Fabeltiere‘ from the legendary illustrator Tomi Ungerer, the story of our lives told on 100 pages in ‘Hundred‘, inspiring stories of brave women and men who followed their own way as Ella Fitzgerald from the Little People, Big Dreams collection, the ‘Karussell der Tiere’ pop-up book or the all time favourite Peter Pan? Right then, may the ‘Wilde Weihnacht’ come! Find more of our Holiday Gift Guide here.  

Some people create from scratch; Nicole McLaughlin creates from scraps. In a style that combines cool with kitsch, she repurposes vintage and iconic sportswear and transforms waste into shoes or other wearable items, delivering an imaginative spin on upcycling and sustainability. From flip-flops made out of ice-cube and sushi trays, to slippers formed from deconstructed soccer and tennis balls, her reconstructions add another layer to the practice of ready-mades. As Pharrell says best, “She reconstructs everyday elements into familiar objects, reminding you to see everything in your orbit a little differently.” Based in New York, Nicole McLaughlin works as an independent designer who frequently collaborates with sportswear giants and high-end brands alike. Growing up playing sports, then studying design, she began reworking materials as a hobby that gradually evolved into a widely-followed creative practice. Nicole hosts workshops and is developing a non-profit that will offer design resources to young people.

The book of photos and texts is dedicated to the Thomas Mann House in Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles. Francis Nenik’s essay offers the first detailed description [expand title="more"]of the history of the house in which Thomas Mann lived with his family from 1942 to 1952 during his period of exile in the U.S. Basing his work on extensive archival research, Nenik not only recounts episodes from the family’s life but also introduces characters who have hitherto been largely unknown—the people who built the house and worked in it. Their experiences, some of them extremely colourful, create the panorama against which the story of the house unfolds. Sebastian Stumpf’s photographs act as a counterpoint to this. In January 2017 he gained access to the vacant property, which had recently been bought by the German government, and captured it in its inbetween state in a series of distinctive pictures. They show a deserted house that has morphed and grown in on itself, leaving precious little to suggest that the Mann family had once lived there.[/expand]

Meetings allow us to bring people together to inspire each other, solve problems and make a difference.[expand title="more"]Yet, we all spend too much time in dull, frustrating meetings where little is achieved and even less is followed up on afterwards. In Hold Successful Meetings, executive coach and former Google leader Caterina Kostoula will change all this. Her unique framework will: - Equip you to hold fewer, more purposeful meetings - Create a creative and inclusive environment - Leave participants inspired and ready to take action Whether virtual or in-person, people will leave your meetings inspired by the value you created together and ready to make an impact.[/expand]

More than a million men, women, and children from Asia and Africa were enslaved and shipped to the other side of the world during the Dutch colonial era. [expand title="more"]Very little is known about their lives, but using a variety of sources, this book provides a portrait of ten people from this period. These individuals either suffered under the system of slavery, rose in resistance against it, or profited from it. The broad range of experiences reveals diverse facets of this essential part of the colonial history of the Netherlands while offering unique insight into the societal reality of the time. Designed by Irma Boom, the book is published in conjunction with an exhibition at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum.[/expand]

  Depending on where you are in the world, you – like us – are probably just emerging from a gloomy winter time. Here in Berlin it’s particularly grim, but just this week we have felt the first rays of sunshine starting to peek through the clouds, bringing with it new green leaves, tiny flower buds: the first glimpses of spring. Instant happiness! What this tells us, and why we’re telling you this, is that plants and nature have a tremendous emotional effect on us, even when we’re living the city life. More

You don’t need to be told that we are living in a moment ­of total­ world abolition, a frantic race to the inevitable. The begin­ning of the end begins here, in the year 2131.[expand title="more"]It’s been 105 years since our founders published the sixth issue of Food& Magazine, the year of unprecedented un­predictability. Then, our world was infected with great plagues, old and new: the rise of COVID 19, white supremacy and the climate crisis. What warnings we had were brushed under the carpet. These cruel dictators nuked humanity with fake news, obliterating all love, logic and truth. It comes as no surprise that historians named this the ‘Fire and Ice’ epoch —people with cold hearts in a rapidly heating world, melting all that was once good. And so, as history tells it, the thawed ice flooded Earth, flushing the blue planet red. Our old world was destroyed to just a small fleck of ash flitting about in space. You can often see it, dancing in the frosted windows of our lunar space stations, those little towns built as emergency refuge by the last remaining humans—our grandparents. But running away from this earthly disaster didn’t mean the problem disappeared. Today we face the repercussions of our ancestor’s failures, The Great Gravitational Collapse. As climate change in the cosmos persists it erodes with it the inter-magnetic structure of our mini-verse, warping the volatile belt between Mars and Jupiter and causing asteroids to propel towards the Moon—our new home. If the solar-system continues to catapult in this dangerous direction, then this issue may be our last. With disaster in mind, we’ve created an extravagantly low-key doomsday catalogue of memories and musings on food by you the people—a farewell kiss to mother Earth as we once knew her. So lock yourself into your nearest available G-zero reading pod, pour yourself a cup of vacuum-infused evaporated chai and whilst forgetting that the universe is collapsing around you, enjoy.[/expand]

San Francisco, 2017. Clinton's in the White House, Brexit never happened - and Verity Jane's got herself a new job.[expand title="more"]They call Verity 'the app-whisperer,' and she's just been hired by a shadowy start-up to evaluate a pair-of-glasses-cum-digital-assistant called Eunice. Only Eunice has other ideas. Pretty soon, Verity knows that Eunice is smarter than anyone she's ever met, conceals some serious capabilities and is profoundly paranoid - which is just as well since suddenly some bad people are after Verity. Meanwhile, in a post-apocalyptic London a century from now, PR fixer Wilf Netherton is tasked by all-seeing policewoman Ainsley Lowbeer with interfering in the alternative past in which Verity and Eunice exist. It appears something nasty is about to happen there - and fixing it will require not only Eunice's unique human-AI skillset but also a little help from the future. A future which Verity soon fears may never be . . .[/expand]

Coming soon from Taschen, ICONS showcases the historical collaboration between two iconic forces: (fashion) designer Virgil Abloh and Nike Inc.  Two big players who came together to reinvent ten iconic sneaker designs, from the Air Jordan 1 to Air Presto. ‚A minimum of two‘ seemed to be the magic formula when London-based Zak Group came on board to translate the sneaker-recontextualising, meta-cultural design project into book form. Since both Abloh and Zak Group are well-known for their trans-disciplinary, process-oriented work, they made the perfect match: not simply sneaker-heads, but perfectly positioned to transform consumer objects into cultural artifacts. We had a little chat with Zak Kyes about the making of the much-hyped, impossibly green volume. Pre-Order here! More