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18+ Paintings" by Max Siedentopf is a collection of photographs that focus on the beautiful paintings that are hidden in the backgrounds of various porn scenes. [expand title="more"]By removing the models, the focus is shifted onto the paintings that usually go unnoticed. Enjoy paintings that come in all kinds of styles, ranging from abstract to modern, impressionist to pop art. Marvel at paintings that span from oil, graffiti to watercolour and come in every desirable size from small to XXL. There is something for everyone to enjoy.[/expand]

Born out of the need to remain in self-isolation in the face of the Corona pandemic, the artist Max Siedentopf turned his own apartment upside down and captured the results with his camera: [expand title="more"]he piled up cans as sculptures, made haute couture costumes, monsters or traps, and invented bizarre alternatives to toilet paper. But it didn't stop there: he published all his actions on Instagram and invited followers worldwide to reenact the respective mottos. The handy survival guide consists of various chapters that ironically illuminate survival in self-chosen or prescribed isolation at home: from "Invent a new meal" to "Make a painting using tooth brush" to "Balance all your beauty products", everything is included. The best pictures from the series, which now comprises over 1000 photos, are collected here. An effective remedy against boredom in any case.[/expand] read Review

‘Same, Same But Different’ challenges the taboo of using the same idea twice. Over 3 years, Max Siedentopf sent a series of ideas in the shape of drawings[expand title="more"]and short descriptions to over 50 international photographers to quite literally photograph the same idea. In our constant hunt for unique ideas and authenticity, we often forget that execution matters just the same. Maybe even more.[/expand]

On its first anniversary, the Stuttgart gallery Kernweine has published an elaborate magazine in which the STUDIO OREL has curated exhibitions and events by Rebecca Storm, [expand title="more"]Max Siedentopf, Constantin Schlachter, Numéro, Odiseo or Slava Mogutin Art, among others.[/expand]

For the second year in a row we had the pleasure to get invited to the Taipei Art Book Fair. The original plan was to go there ourselves. But as it happens: something came in between…It turned out that one of the good things about books and magazine is that they don’t spread anything but joy and togetherness – so they went instead. Within our contribution box for this year’s TABF – a platform for artists and independent publishers to showcase what they’ve got – we packed a huge stack of the nicest, refreshing European printed matter. Next to a range of COVID inspired paper works as Home Alone: A Survival Guide by Max Siedentopf, a photographic diary of the lock-down by Stanislaw Boniecki or Isolate Zine, magazines as the very first issue of Alien from Portugal, The Politics of Public Space, SICK Magazine, Hinterlands and small independent publishers as Happy Potato Press, mono.kultur or Real Review were presented in Taipei. Even though, the first thing which came to our minds while looking at these pictures was: ‘Keep the Social distance, pals!’ it made us incredible happy to see the buzz at these 3 days venture into independent publishing. Well, all good things come in threes: See you next year TABF! And this time in real!  

Independent publishing can be very timely – we are already getting the first books in about covid-19 and the pandemic lockdown!⁠⠀ Max Siedentopf – you know the one that already delighted us with Toiletpapa just a few weeks back -created a survival guide of what to do with your time when being stuck at home in quarantine. Home Alone is a composition of photographs from the internet community translating into action Max Siedentopf’s open calls, like “invent a new way to lie on your sofa” or “Create a party makeup look using only what you can find in the fridge” The best pictures from the series, which now comprises over 1000 photos, are collected in this little book. An effective remedy against boredom in any case.⁠⠀ Buy

This is a copy, an homage, and a stroke of genius at the same time. Eckhard and Max Siedentopf, father and son and great fans of Toiletpaper magazine, delight us with the reenactment of the iconic photographs of Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari. The result is extremely funny, as fantastic as their famous inspiration and incredibly well executed. The photographs even have a lightness and spontaneity that the deliberately staged images of Toiletpaper Magazine never had. Our only criticism is that we did not think of it first.⁠ Buy ⁠