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Zeen – Scheltens & Abbenes

Zeen - Scheltens & Abbenes

Zeen – Scheltens & Abbenes

Louise Schouwenberg

There are books that you could keep browsing forever or at least until your thumb starts bleeding. Paint flooded trashcans crossing yummy arranged breakfast tables, Raf Simons shirts dancing next to the beauty of perfectly cut paper edges, a bright clean and sharp portray of a small Paco Rabanne fragrance bottle morphing into textile scapes, a golden dress and stainless steel, fluffy whool and a time capsule of moving glimmer. Freshly squeezed out from their retrospective ‘ZEEN’ at Foam Amsterdam in 2019, the book accompanying the exhibition is a zoom into the world of Dutch photography couple Scheltens & Abbenes. With page filling glossy images, this catalogue comes not with essays but as a kaleidoscopic Tour de Force of glimpses into textures, patterns, forms and objects, allowing for new associations between Scheltens & Abbenes huge body of work. The sticky melting feeling of this compact book is a treat in itself, so the feast of material is not only to be found in content but also in the form.


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Category & Tags: Review, Photography