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Things People wear in Kenya

Things People wear in Kenya

Things People wear in Kenya

Philippine Chaumont, Agathe Zaerpour

Kenya is a country with a young, fashion-conscious population. However, as the local fashion labels are expensive and unaffordable for most people because the raw materials are imported, they have to resort either to mass-produced, low-quality and yet comparatively expensive garments from countries further east or to the Mitumba trade – imported second-hand clothes from the western world.⁠ Chaumont Zaerpour’s “Things People Wear in Kenya” is a photographic study of fashion as it is lived, worn, produced and consumed there. The various fashion economies are interwoven in the book, which is primarily influenced by Kenyan voices – clothing designers and wearers alike, who talk about their perception of clothing.⁠ Moving between high fashion and everyday inventions, the duo records “the way people tinker, find ways to extract a new life out of used things, and the uniqueness of all these cobbled objects.”⁠


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Category & Tags: Review, Books, Fashion, Photography, sustainability