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Suspira #2

Suspira #2 2019

Suspira #2

We should warn you: the latest issue of Suspira Magazine is not for fainted-hearted! Why? The complicated and highly theoretical answer would be that according to the french psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan objet petite a is a part-object located in the area of the Imaginary, an element which is imagined as separable from the rest of the body functioning as an object of desire, a fulfillment for the incomplete subject. What? Exactly! The more simple response is that Suspira spotlights in its Fetish issue an array of sinister women who definitely cannot be turned in an object of desire as they master their sexuality, are highly independent and wildly seductive. These sex goddesses out of the dark proving easily that “our society is still terrified of female sexuality and women sense of agency is their ultimate nightmare“ as editor Valentina Egoavil Medina states it. As she was seeking for powerful women in young age she found them in the section of the video library (true, this part is inspired by our analogue manner) which was inaccessible for fellows under the age 18. The actual heroes of horror movies: Tura Satana, Pam Grier or characters like Vampira and Santanico Pandemonium. The raising question is where does horror end and female desire, sexual pleasure begin? And what has this to do with feminism? We recommend to have the guts and open this red latex-like magazine. Abandon yourself in the cosmos of the mistress of the macabre, the London glamour ghoul Marie Devilreux, listening to what Kristin J. Sollée has to say about her book Witches, Sluts, Feminists – Conjuring the Sex Positive, be drawn in by the illustrations by Tengu Guro or get inspired for your secretly kept film list for sex and horror with the cinematic history of exploitation, Slasher and modern film.

Oh and did we mention that objet petite a can be triggered by anything? For instance by a magazine which has the charisma of a giallo movie, fetishising the seductive possibilities of the medium paper to a maximum with its sinful type design, layout and illustrations? We are happy to be incomplete and craving for more horrifying reading material by Dreadful Press.


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