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Spike Art #75

Spike Art #75

The Museum Issue

“Closed due to colonialism, elitism, and a private dinner”⁠
This killer subtitle of the museum issue of Spike Art Magazine alone makes us want to drop everything and take a very long, extended bathroom break with this magazine.⁠

But while Spike takes on the current discussion about colonialism and elitism that is rightly being had about museums, they are also writing a love letter to these very institutions. They believe that the museum is at a turning point.⁠

For Spike magazine, it is either dawn or dusk for the museum. If it’s dawn, it could be the beginning of a new chapter, a chapter where the museum takes all the criticism and evolves into something new. But if the semi-darkness the museum is in right now is actually the dusk, then this issue is its eulogy.⁠

“You can be a museum,” Gertrude Stein told MoMA’s founding director, “or you can be modern, but you can’t be both.”⁠


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