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Spike Art #63 Spring 2020

Spike Art #63 Spring 2020

Spike Art #63 Spring 2020


New York is its own mythology. It is the metropolis to which the whole world turns in search of trends and movements. It is the city that once stole the idea of modern art from Paris and transformed it into a gigantic art bubble. But NY, like the American dream it embodies, is broken. For years it has been torn between nostalgia and capitalist excess, which does not seem to be detrimental to the creative breeding ground. And so this city, like the American dream, is full of false promises, but also ambitious, witty and resilient.⁠ No wonder Spike Art Magazine set out to investigate this multi-layered biotope of creation and destruction. They take us through the ever-changing, ever-exciting art scene, from artist studios to thoughts like why New York is such a bore and why doesn’t anyone have sex in New York anymore. For this issue, they even changed the entire layout of their magazine to make it look like New York’s famous subway system. If you’re wondering now if all the articles are from the time before Corona – they aren’t. This virus also finds its place in this issue, but not only. Although New York is so badly hit by Covid-19 that even she who never sleeps stands still for a moment. But that won’t make the problems that this city had before disappear, on the contrary, and neither will the creative scene disappear, since it always came from the bottom. And so the myth of New York tells us that this city will rise again because New Yorkers are stubborn and strong and resolute. And because they are the ones who make New York what it is.⁠ May this myth not be an illusion. New York! New York!⁠


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