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Luncheon #8

Luncheon #8 A/W 2019

Luncheon #8

As most magazine lovers by this time know, Luncheon is, with its unusual concept of a magazine that comes to you as menu from aperitif to digestif, in many ways unique. Issue #8 serves you classics like the free spirited paintings of William N. Copley (seen on the cover), as main course a thoroughly honest conversation over, well, lunch with musician Robert Wyatt, who after an accident in 1973 became paralysed, dropped out of his bands and focused on his solo career which brought him collaborations with Syd Barret, Brian Eno, Björk, and Hot Chip. The catch of the day are contemporary poems of Freya E. Morris trying to understand her life, herself and her broken relationships in short scribbled notes, while as desert you will get a taste of the sensual Fruits of Senegal – photographs of fruit and flowers placed on the naked body of Ibrahim Kamara. But that is by far not everything. This lunch is so packed with tastes, textures and new discoveries, you probably will be rolling out of the door, full of relish, and not being able to go back to work.⁠ By looking back and forward, by playing with the classics and challenging us with contemporary pungency, Luncheon is truly like a menu created by an excellent chef. Probably receiving a Michelin Star soon.⁠


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