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Le Corbusier and Zurich

Le Corbusier and Zurich - Pavillon Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier and Zurich

Pavillon Le Corbusier

When Heidi Weber first met Le Corbusier, she bought one of his artworks. But the encounter was not only to become a long-lasting friendship, but also a project that would bring the so-called “prodigal son of Swiss architecture”, who had been lured away from his homeland by the prospect of bigger and bolder projects, back to Switzerland to create what would become his final work.⁠

Weber convinced Le Corbusier to construct the planned pavilion entirely out of glass and steel, materials for which it would become iconic. Designed according to the architect’s famous Modulor system, a scale of proportions designed to balance the dimensions of the human body with beauty and architecture, the building is topped by a floating steel roof that creates a seductive contrast between solidity and weightlessness. The pavilion was completed 1967 – two years after Le Corbusier’s death.⁠

The second exhibition at the now refurbished Pavillon Le Corbusier highlights the relationship between the Swiss architect of the century and the city of Zurich. It puts Zurich back into the light as an important point of reference for his work. With works of art, furniture, architectural models, photographs and historical documents, the exhibition shows the central role that Zurich – and not only Paris – played in Le Corbusier’s multifaceted oeuvre.⁠


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