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Journal du Thé #3 2020

Journal du The #3 2020

Journal du Thé #3 2020

Simple physics dictates that when you stir your tea in a cup, centrifugal forces should make any tea leaf residue move outwards towards the wall of the tea cup. Why is it then, that the opposite happens and they gather in the center? Don’t worry if you do not know the answer. Nobel Prize laureate Erwin Schrödinger (the one with the cat) could not find an explanation either. He brought the question to Albert Einstein, who came up with a theory, which he used to then also explain why riverbeds have a meandering shape. Which shows that a simple cup of tea makes even the brightest of us a bit smarter.⁠
And so does Journal du Thé issue 3, with wonderful little anecdotes like this, an Indian tea diary, the most beautiful tea cups and pots from ceramic and copper, tii-time in Zimbabwe, and stories about Wagashi – the most delightful Japanese sugary treats.


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