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JB Blunk


JB Blunk

Oh yes! It is finally here: the first comprehensive book about the astounding work of the master of pottery and sculptures, JB Blunk! At the very moment when Blunk got introduced to the craft of Japanese ceramics “…something went PING!” Although it took him a few more years before he finally made his way to Japan this was the very beginning of a life-long journey dedicated to the ancient knowledge and traditional techniques of unglazed, wood-fired stoneware ceramics. To what extent JB Blunk’s passion for what nature has to offer shaped not only his trans-disciplinary artwork but fully converged into his life can be seen in numerous undisclosed archival photos of his home and studio, accompanied by essays from Lucy Lippard, Glenn Adamson, Fariba Bogzaran and Louise Allison Cort. This book is a heart-warming tribute to the beauty of earth, water and fire and a man who has honed the imperfections of nature to perfection!⁠⠀


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Category & Tags: Review, Books, crafts, monograph