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Invisible Women

Invisible Women - Caroline Criado Perez

Invisible Women

Caroline Criado Perez

“Representation of the world, like the world itself, is the work of men; they describe it from their own point of view, which they confuse with the absolute truth.” observed already Simone de Beauvoir.⁠

Since then not much has changed. Caroline Criado Perez exposes the hidden ways in which women are forgotten, and the impact that it has on their health and lives, but also on the life of the whole society. She uncovers a bias that is often not systematic but happens because we are used to the default man. The man stands representative for humankind, the woman is the other. The consequences are devastating. Woman are 47% more likely to die in car accidents, because the car is designed for the male body and woman, most of the time, have to move their seat out of the ideal position. Women get medicine that is not proven to work for them and sometimes is doing more harm than good. Why? Because they are critically underrepresented (or not at all represented) in medical studies. Why? Because they are thought of being difficult and not consistent due to their menstrual cycle. So of course just test on men, since they are the neutral representative of all humans. What could go possibly wrong…⁠
“Invisible Woman” shows that even snow-clearing schedules can be bias and when fixed can save millions of dollars. But foremost it shows how the bias is deeply rooted in every field you can imagine. And even though this book will sometimes make you angry, it is most notably eye-opening.


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Category & Tags: Review, Culture & Society, feminism