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Home Alone: A Survival Guide

Home Alone: A Survival Guide - Max Siedentopf

Home Alone: A Survival Guide

Max Siedentopf

Independent publishing can be very timely – we are already getting the first books in about covid-19 and the pandemic lockdown!⁠⠀
Max Siedentopf – you know the one that already delighted us with Toiletpapa just a few weeks back -created a survival guide of what to do with your time when being stuck at home in quarantine. Home Alone is a composition of photographs from the internet community translating into action Max Siedentopf’s open calls, like “invent a new way to lie on your sofa” or “Create a party makeup look using only what you can find in the fridge” The best pictures from the series, which now comprises over 1000 photos, are collected in this little book. An effective remedy against boredom in any case.⁠⠀


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