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Ficciones Typografika 1642

Ficciones Typografika 1642

Ficciones Typografika 1642

Typographic Exploration in a Public Space

When Erik Brandt went out to have his sabbatical year he had nothing more simply and ingenious in mind than turning the side of his garage into a public space for typographic experiments. Over the period of five years, this board – located somewhere in the nowhere in South Minneapolis – became an irresistible magnet for designers from all over the world. It didn’t take long and this venue – only one ‘submit’-click away – became a widely appreciated, client-demand-free, visceral, democratic, non-commercial dialogue about speculative (type-)design futures. In short: Ficciones Typografika! Published by Formist, who designed a typeface especially for this dense and stunning atlas of possible and contemporary visual language (for typo-nerds: Fiction is a modern sans sarif type based on Hermann Berthold’s Akzidenz-Grotesk, Max Miedinger’s Helvetica and Adrian Frutiger’s Univers), this whole lotta book gives multitude ways to an arena for not-so-precious typographic manifestos, otherwise neglected viewpoints and forgotten words. Next to Shoplifter’s New Type Design, Beste Plakate and Femme Type, Ficciones Typografika 1642 is definitely a precious thing for everybody who falls for typography and for amazing book design!

P.S.: A thousand thanks, Erik Brandt, for ‘bringing together a collected knowledge of people, places and things that one could not possibly collect alone’ as Ben Duvall said!


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Category & Tags: Review, typography