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Diagrams of Power

Diagrams of Power

Diagrams of Power

Visualizing, Mapping and Performing Resistance

Most likely diagrams and maps radiate a certain matter-of-factness, a narrative that in itself seems to be unquestionable. Not this time! The critical artworks and performances selected by curator Patricio Dávila turn the visualized assemblies of data, often used as an subtle instrument of power, inside out. The showcased projects, accompanied by pictures, diagrams and interviews in the book Diagrams of Power: Visualizing, Mapping, and Performing Resistance convince particularly through the simplicity of the ideas behind them: unmasking diagrams’ underlying supposed truth and re-structuring it in one way or another (and there are plenty ways of resistance from within shown here!). Not only this publication by Onomatopee will make Deleuzian hearts beat faster but showing the immense power of grassroots practices for social change.


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Category & Tags: Review, Art, politics, theory