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Club Sandwich #3

Club Sandwich #3 2019

Club Sandwich #3

The Pickle Issue

Mysterious forces are said to the miniature version of the cucumber. Whether as substantive indicator for pregnancy, as unbeatable hangover cure or as ultimate super power source for athletes the inconspicuous pickle is much more than a nutrition booster. In it’s latest issue the annual Club Sandwich Magazine has looked deeper in the jar – and came across some rather kooky, unconventional facets and facts about the cornichon. From Austrian artist Erwin Wurm who preferably portraits himself as gherkin in all shapes and sizes, to legendary Henry J. Heinz who became the king of ketchup on behalf of the pickle and the hashtag #touchthepickle as symbol of the women’s liberation in India – just to recall some facts of the extraordinary cultural and historical implication which slumber within this immortal vegetable. Thus, Club Sandwich easily joins our magazine shelf of curiosities right by the side of Macguffin, Science of the Secondary and F Food. Culture – to name only a few of our favourite monothematic feasts.


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