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Too Much #9

Too Much #9

The Sacred

Too Much explores the nature of the sacred in an increasingly profane world.⁠

This fantastic publication, subtitled ‘Magazine of Romantic Geography’, has made us wait quite a long time for a new issue, but now it’s here! It investigates the ways in which people and environment, built and natural, shape and reshape each other.⁠

The Sacred issue meets the Yuta shaman of the Okinawan islands; ventures to the beguinages of medieval Europe to learn how women have related to the divine in ways that ensure their own earthly survival and independence; visits mosques in contemporary Japan; elaborates festivals for ancestor worship in China; and travels to the slopes of Osore-zan and hear the cries of crows and the bereaved.⁠

Beautiful and insightful as always, the magazine from Japan enriches us with different perspectives and stories we haven’t read before, catapulting us out of our eternal algorithmic bubble. ⁠


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