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Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Tyrannus Optimus

Yes, we also got some ‘How to’ books for all the little Tyrants among us – and those who considering to become one…First step is building up a flawless media presence by knowing exactly how to look at things (best done by Kim Jong Il). Secondly, you should know your dictorial ‘Pappenheimer’ inside out! Whether you decode your predecessors’ statues, know ‘Handbook of Tyranny’ by heart, become the greatest at ‘War Games’ or improve your special interest in ‘How to Secure a Country’, you’ll certainly owe your pole position by having the slightest glue what Populism is all about. And in case, nothing is going according to plan, just ‘Be more Vlad!’


THAT’S NOT ENOUGH?????! Then this way…

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