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Kennedy #11

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Many people think of precision, dedication, and order when they think of Japan. And while this is not untrue there is far more magic to this place. Without going there yourself, it is virtually impossible to describe how Japan makes you feel - the tranquillity, the way the light changes when stepping from the street through curtains into the dimm lit wooden interior of an unagi restaurant, the way the trees in the woods swing and you do not know if it is because of the wind or the spirits, the little potted plant gardens along the houses of Tokyo and the old ladies that take care of them, the huge streets full of traffic that never seems loud, the myriads of alleyways the hold hidden soba restaurants...

In case you are wondering if Berlin is still the place to be for you and your creative mind? In Graphic's 'The Berlin Issue - Studio Rental Guide' you'll get some additional pro and cons for your list, you'll find out which graphic designer is working where and how much they're actually paying for their studio rent. We don't want to reveal too much, but you better pack your pencils sooner rather than later...

"An Artist Who Cannot Speak English Is No Artist" was the title of one of Croatian conceptual artist Mladen Stilinović's exhibitions in 1992. But thanks to so deeply committed people such as Maya Hristova this barrier belongs for once to the past. On her journey through more than 18 countries in Eastern Europe she and her team met 42 contemporary photographers and translated their reflections upon their past, socialism and their work. EEP (Eastern European Photography) Vol. 1 shows underlying nuances and draws hidden connections among the photographers, a dialogue which deals with an often distorted and disconnected image of their socialist heritage. ⁠ ⁠ Buy...

Since quite a while the fashion industry is facing a groundbreaking paradigm change. If there is a good thing about late capitalism, environmental pollution, shortage of resources, exploitative labour it would be that we, 'the happy consumer and devil producer', are forced to change our mindset radically – and with it our notion of luxury. Luxury nowadays is about time, quality and care. Caring for our planet, the next generations and ourselves. What a new generation of fashion designers has to contribute to change the rules of the fashion industry can be seen in the latest issue of Press & Fold. A fashion magazine which is deeply concerned about alternative fashion forms and narratives. In this issue the author of Dissolving the Ego of Fashion Daniëlle Bruggeman explains why it is so necessarily important to leave the Fashion's Ego behind, a self-maintaining desire machine producing nothing else than shallow promises, the JOIN Collective Clothes project gives a glimpse into their work to make and wear clothes together as well as you can find out how fashion and intellect goes together pretty well these days as magazines like 032c, Vestoj and Purple practicing this for years. Press & Fold is a carefully thought through paper delight, a fashionable beauty which hopefully will sustain for a long, long time. Buy...

Music fanatics watch out for the latest addition to our sound and rhythm section. Aside of our almost classics when it comes to vinyl, electronic music and brand new releases such as Record, Zweikommasieben, Borshch and Wire - we've got another, already loveable, vibrant magazine diving into experimental music and art. 20 Seconds "is interested in bold art, fearless music and the real people behind it" says Canadian Editor-in-Chief, Daniel Melfi, who is based in Berlin and the driving force behind 20 Seconds. Writing for Vice Resident Advisor and Electronic Beats as well as magazines like Borshch and Mixmag, it seemed about time to start his own journey. The very first issue of the bi-annual print-only magazine features interviews with all-around talent TUTU, Toronto's still hidden synthesizer star Matt Thibideau as well as choreographer Katja Heitmann who is currently revolutionizing contemporary dance culture in Maastricht's Marres House. Plus: This issue includes tips to what you better never, sometimes and always should listen to. It has been said elsewhere that this magazine "will last a while, individually a lifetime. But definitely more than 20 Seconds". Well, we bloody hope so! Buy...

Since the introduction of portable consumer electronics nearly a half century ago, artists throughout the world have adapted their latest technologies to art-making. In this book, curator Barbara London, founder of MoMA's video program, traces the history of video art as it transformed into the broader field of media art - from analog to digital, small TV monitors to wall-scale projections, and clunky hardware to user-friendly software. By looking at the medium's first 50 years she reveals how video evolved from fringe status to be seen as one of the foremost art forms of today.⁠ Buy...

They say history is written by winners, dusty and dry, while saying little or nothing about the everyday lives and futures of those who were affected by the events. "Das Jahr 1990 freilegen" published by one of our most beloved publishers, spector books, proves in grand manner how to do it differently. After the editor Jan Wenzel spent one year looking for any photo, video, interview, protocol, diary, letter, he could possibly find, dated back to 1990, he came to the conclusion: Why writing another book, when everything is already there? Given the size of the book: there is a lot to 'there'! This chronic is an enormous valuable testimony of a year which is characterised by disorientation, confusion and over-abundance by the wealth of 1989. While the latter is known pretty well when David Hasselhoff came to Berlin, smashed his hit "Looking for Freedom" and the impossible became possible – at least that's what The Hoff thinks...

We warmly invite you to discover with us the first issue of Lissome. A reading soundtracked by live music will guide you into the conscious, calm, and gracious world of Lissome.⁠ So if you are interested in New Years resolutions which are not solely existing in order to break them but actually transform the way we live as well as re-imagine our role as humans in an endangered ecosystem we are happy to see you on Tuesday the 21.01.2020 at 6.30 pm in our store in Auguststraße 28, Berlin-Mitte⁠. If that doesn't sound like a good start for this year...

The doomsday prophets had also their fair share to say about photography. When digital photography moved into everybody's home and pockets, they predicted the expiration of photography as an art form. We exchange quality for mediocre quantity, so they said. But Foam shows us again, that the contrary is the case. The latest Talent issue proves that the band width of tools, result in more creative ways to express ourselves. And so Foam opens with the beautiful words: "A wide spectrum of themes, techniques and approaches that once again lets us say - yes, photography is very well alive and in very good health. As it is alive it is changing, evolving, creating ramifications and cross-pollinating. Most importantly, as the access to opportunity increases, the panorama becomes more and more fertile - and it‘s beautifully blossoming."⁠ Buy...

Once in a while we come across a new magazine that makes us feel we do not hold one of the first issues but a classic in our hands. Carcy is one of them. Its beautiful large format photographs, the use of font, and lots and lots of white space make it seem timeless. But do not be fooled to associate classic with generic content and old views. Because the lustful fashion magazine Carcy portrays all genders, identities, and sexualities in order to sublimate and widen notions of beauty and sensuality - and by that is undressing societal norms.⁠ Buy...