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The Laws of Simplicity

The Laws of Simplicity

The Laws of Simplicity

John Maeda

Exceptional situations require exceptional books! Well, at least they can help us to endure these times. As we are thrown back on the minimum of what our lives are made of right now, John Maeda’s book ‘The Laws of Simplicity’ is such a book. Whether for business, technology, or life in general the graphic designer and professor in MIT’s Media Lab succeeds to break down the principles of simplicity into 10 essential components. By following the doctrine that good design should be equated with sanity, he outlines different methods (even here, he keeps it mesmerising simple by summarising them in acronyms) to offer a framework on how to keep it as simple as possible without lacking complexity, and hence functionality or even meaning. While Law 9 ‘Failure’ is described as „Some things can never be made simple” luckily the 2nd Law ‘Organize’ comes into play as “The home is usually the first battleground that comes to mind when facing the daily challenge of managing complexity.”


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