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Losing Eden

Losing Eden

Lucy Jones

Nowadays humans spend most of their time indoors (and that not only since Covid-19), disconnected from nature. Even though scientific evidence suggests that nature sits at the heart of our psychological wellbeing, we move more and more away from it. Journalist Lucy Jones investigates what happens with our minds as we loose our Eden.⁠ Travelling from forest schools in East London, to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Poland’s primeval woodlands, Californian laboratories to eco-therapists’ couches, Jones explores how and why connecting with the living world can so drastically affect our health.⁠ Delicately observed and rigorously researched, this book makes us understand that we should not only protect and integrate nature into our life for nature’s but also for our own sake. Losing Eden is a moving and inspiring call for rewilding our lives to save our mind and bodies.⁠


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