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Do You Read Me?

Do You Read Me? Bookstores Around the World

Do You Read Me?

Bookstores Around the World

Even though it feels kind of weird that a book about bookstores around the world is inspired by our little shop, it’s also kind of cool ; )⁠
And while we still can’t believe that we’ve been in business for more than ten years and perhaps played our part in giving independent publishing a voice, we really want to thank this rich world of print for being part of it and for surprising and inspiring us every day a new. With digital media alone, we would all quickly drown in our own bubble of algorithmic repetition.⁠ But fortunately there are tons of publications that deal with subculture, explore unpopular topics, show visual diversity, make people think, and push the boundaries of print. And fortunately there are independent publishers who are bold and courageous. And fortunately there are independent bookstores that dig through the thousands and thousands of new publications and pick out the unparalleled highlights to bring them to you. And fortunately there are you, too, who are hungry to be surprised and stimulated and astonished and inspired and enthralled.⁠ Happy to be part of this!


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