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“I fell in love with your father because of his beautiful legs.” Sara Perovic often heard this sentence as a child. When she went through the family photos, she noticed that her father was mainly photographed playing tennis. After all, that's what he spent most of his time and thoughts on. His obsession with the sport hindered his attention to her as a child, she reflected. And now the story could repeat itself with her daughter's father, who also has beautiful tennis legs.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ ‘My Father’s Legs’, a little book of photos of her father's and partner's legs in tennis positions, detached from the rest of the body, is not only weirdly beautiful, but also visualises the search for a deeper connection and understanding.⁠⠀ ⁠   Buy...

After some coronavirus-generated uncertainty, football is back for the summer! And we have the very first issue of Gegenpresse in stock: a brand-new, independent magazine full of great photos and with an edgier, irreverent outsider take on football culture, made right here in Berlin.⁠ Buy...

Are you longing as desperately as we do for some sunshine and warmth? Nothing easier than that as we have the right packed suitcase for you - Racquet #9! The only thing you have to do is to put on your short trousers and lean back to be instantaneous transferred to legendary California U.S.A. while diving into Racquet's California Issue. One bare fact you should know is that even tennis was invented in Great Britain, however, it was created in California. That's why the fellows behind this magazine chose to go way back to the beginning - to the place where it all (really) started. One of these places they visiting is - naturally - the Racket Doctor store in L.A. When the boom in the 1970s and '80s hit the West Coast, everybody and anybody played the ball as well as it was de rigueur to have a tennis racquet close by, this place kept busy 24/7 in the old days - and is still nowadays. Meanwhile Radka Leitmeritz follows the traces of the golden hour in her photo series - which is by the way, as glamorous as the infamous courtyards themselves. Talking about the Who's Who in California tennis-wise brings into the spotlight Charles Schulz. Racquet shows how the tennis-mania influenced the work of the creator of Snoopy and the peanut comic strip. We could go on and on and on (for instance the magical cover done by visual artist Friedrich Kunath), but seriously, Racquet's latest issue is as carefully, beautifully and well written as always and will serve you bloody well! Buy...