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mental health

About ten years ago, Mathias de Lattre's interest in psychedelics led him to start researching psilocybin, a naturally occurring hallucinogenic substance produced by about 180 species of mushrooms. He had an intuition that these fungi could provide an alternative to the psychiatric treatment of his mother, who had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. His search took him from prehistoric cave paintings in France to traditional medicinal practices in the Peruvian jungle to psilocybin researchers in London and Zurich. Through text and images, Mother's Therapy brings together science and humanity.⁠   Buy...

Society disables sick people by not considering their needs in structures or the build environment. So having sick people in creative teams would be a huge asset and is grossly underestimated. But a common barrier for chronically ill people who want to work in the creative industries is the one-size-fits-all structure of office work and the frequent subconscious assumption that all employees are able-bodied. ⁠Sick is a magazine to elevate the much needed voices of sick and disabled people. It is entirely created by sick and disabled writers, poets, designers, and artists. An illustration by Hayley Wall adorns the cover of the second issue.⁠ Buy ⁠...

At a time when mental health concerns are increasing and people are worried about their jobs, their lives and their loved ones, it may be easier to distract yourself with something light. But Dummy decided to talk about suicide. To be correct, the issue was actually already finished when the Corona pandemic hit Europe hard. So what now? Wrong time to talk about suicide? In Germany about ten thousand people end their lives every year - that's the population of a small German town. As difficult as this subject is, it is important to report on it. Especially in these times. Because we have to live with this topic.⁠ Buy...