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In need of any ideas while staying at home this winter? Why not read this exceptional – and loooong – interview about five friends who used their spring lock-down time rather wisely for the last refinements of their magazine. The very first issue of Superposition is about nothing else than the 'Hardcore Home'. This wild hodgepodge of absurd and compelling home narratives with an architectural touch – and a beautiful layout - will take you into the hidden, obscure notions of your beloved Home sweet Home!


Please note: You are about to enter the cosmos of Mirage. A sensual exploration of a feeling, maybe an attitude, embedded in paper and created by the German Graphic Designer and Art Director Frank Rocholl who happened to stand in front of the Kloofhill house, Cape Town. Its owner, South African Filmmaker and Photographer Henrik Purienne, remembers: „Eye for detail for sure. Casual chat. Common interests.“ That was that. What followed were four issues of Mirage (2009-2014), JamaisVu. Mirage Anthology. (2016), a side project by Purienne Jeux de Peaux (2019) all filled with vast horizons, deep blue seawater, endless Summer pool-side days, beautiful women, fast vintage cars, timeless design classics…Sounds too cliche? Well, we agree. But though, Mirage is filled with outwardly alluring phenomena it does prove that beautiful and glossy doesn't equal superficiality. Buy



While temperatures dropping and leaves already start to fall, we got gifted with a printed never ending summer! After years Mirage Magazine is back with a fifth issue and we could not be more excited!⁠ There is something about the hedonistic lifestyle of the 60s and 70s: The French Riviera, Brigitte Bardot, Gunter Sachs, a seemingly never-ending fun, unfussy, intellectual but easy, moonlight baths, parties, naps in the hammock, artists, musicians, driving a classic car along the coastline, sailing, dancing on the terrace, reading by the pool - and everything in front of a backdrop of modernist architecture and eclectic interiors. ⁠Mirage Magazine, the brain child of Henrik Purienne, mixes nostalgic pictures from this wild era and contemporary photoshoots of beautiful woman with the same easiness into a bohemian futurism of glistening skin.⁠ Btw we still have some of the mirage books Jamais Vu left.⁠⠀ Buy...

[gallery columns="1" size="medium" link="file" ids="99428,99427,99426"] Made up of 3 issues, Post Millennium is a journal of critical thinking published in the context of Porto Design Biennale. ⁠⠀ The journal brings together multidisciplinary contributions to challenge contemporary design practices, critically mapping post-millennium tensions – identitarian, geopolitical, technological, financial, environmental. Moreover, Post Millennium works lines of intersections or conflict between design and other disciplinary domains, as well as among design and the world we live in.⁠⠀ Buy issue #1 Buy issue #2 Buy issue #3...

Tiny but mighty! The new issue of Wallet is here...

After some coronavirus-generated uncertainty, football is back for the summer! And we have the very first issue of Gegenpresse in stock: a brand-new, independent magazine full of great photos and with an edgier, irreverent outsider take on football culture, made right here in Berlin.⁠ Buy...

Latvia's fashion and art magazine Jezga dedicates its current issue to our closest companion throughout life: our body. Undergoing permanent changes and transformations it can function as a powerful tool or as canvas oscillating between our inner self and the outer world...

Already the ruling class of the Victorian era was well aware of the priceless potential of the narrow strip where the land ends and merges into the sea. To ensure the safety and guarantee the jaunty leisure time of the working class, architect Eugenius Birch was the first one to construct a screw-pile system in which iron supports were driven deep into the seabed. Although most of these piers are no longer in use the unwavering fascination for the waterfronts remains. Setting sail into the deep blue unknown and infinite horizons Pleasure Garden's latest issue is the perfect supplement for all the landlubbers out there who decided to go with Balconia for this year's summer holiday. Get ready for a cool breeze, the taste of salt in your mouth and a highly seductive lazy leisure time with captivating stories swirling around the seaside. Buy...

It's big, it's beautiful - it can only be Carcy. As always, the new issue is filled cover to cover with stunning photographs that ask us to reconsider our received ideas of beauty, intimacy and eroticism. Not only that. Carcy makes room for up-and-coming artists and designers: those people who will be in charge of tomorrow, and all the new iterations of what is beautiful. We're looking forward to experiencing them.⁠ Buy...

Over the last few month everything we ought to know about how to live our lives changed abruptly when the pandemic took over. While every (inter-)action was concentrated within our four walls a familiar player went onto stage. Only this time playing the role of it's life. As the only safe and reliable constant to stay connected technology passed his first serious test run for a post-spatial future. The undeterred raise of Big Tech and its promises of a smart future are central to Offscreen's issue #23 and, as we know and love this tech interview magazine not without critical twists. Buy...