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Best known for his furniture design practice side by side with his brother, not many know that Ronan Bouroullec is also a painter. His works on paper follow the idea of what he calls intuitive drawing. This technique allows him to develop new images and reach the subconscious layers of the mind. Experimenting with shapes and lines "Crayon Pinceau" is a pure black and white series, this time focusing on shades and fades instead of color. The harmony of shapes within a few simple lines is striking.Although abstract, these drawings give the impression of fabrics, folds and upholstery, showing us yet another way into the visual mind of a designer. Buy...

When Josef and Anni Albers traveled to Mexico they realised that they were in "a country for art like no other". They would make several trips to Mexico throughout the years exploring sites in Oaxaca and Yucatan. Fascinated by the geometrical shapes, they translated and interwove their found inspiration into their own works of abstract modernism. The book shows photographs made by the Albers of archaeological sites next to their painting, drawings and weaving and the correlations are staggering. Who would have thought that the basis for modernism was built on Mexican ruins.⁠ Buy...

It is finally here - the ultimate graphic designer's bible! This time Shoplifters looks closely at drawings. With 536 pages and alphabetically organised, this reference book of artists who draw showcases their work using fluorescent inks as a replacement for cyan, magenta, and yellow, giving these drawings vibrance and saturation.⁠ Buy...

Fukt, the extraordinary magazine on contemporary drawing is back! This time with an issue about systems. Alongside the obvious meaning and, its Swedish or Norwegian translation as 'moist' or 'damp', the Berlin based magazine, constantly blurs all you’ve ever thought about what a magazine focusing on contemporary drawing could be like. Through the lens of lines, scribbles and strokes artists as Andreas Töpfer, Judith Braun, Jim Carrey (yes, you've read correctly), among many more, unveil how they put into question alleged systems, languages of order and relations, in which we organize and make sense of our environment. As the optical-unconsciousness arises the latest Fukt issue will literary draw you in, and prove that the earth is not flat, even though, the act of drawing could imply precisely that!   Buy...