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Bright, geometrical shapes floating within embroidery grids; while – layer upon layer – hypnotising patterns evolve. Patterns which are always both: utmost abstraction and surprisingly concrete. After studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tilburg and some years of working within the fashion industry, Dutch visual artist Sigrid Calon turned her back on the daily life of custom sized work, deadlines and compromises in 2005. As an autonomous artist she finally found the time to entirely follow her curious mind, experimenting with materials and printing techniques while exploring the DNA of her own visual language. A milestone of this journey was her fateful encounter with the Risograph. Legend has it that from the very first moment, she couldn't get her hands off this machine. Now, her colourful and electrifying Riso press artwork can be marvelled at in her latest Riso print publication SC_1/1_1/2_1/4_1/8


The Dictionary of Color Combinations is probably one of the most beautiful books we ever held in our hands. After it has been sold out for a long time, we finally have it back in stock and are mesmerized as before.⁠ The pocket size jewel offers 348 color combinations based on Sanzo Wada's original 6-volume work from the 1930s. Wada was ahead of his time in developing traditional Japanese and Western influenced colour combinations, helping to lay the foundations for contemporary colour research. The compositions of two, three, and four tones could not be more intriguing and with its index registering the CMYK code of every shade used it is an indispensable tool for every designer.⁠ Buy...

In a world in which facts are handled as a matter of interpretation, it’s kind of ironic, that Sindroms, a magazine dedicated to colours proves that our highly subjective, emotional response to light refraction is by far less arbitrarily than one might think. In fact, our associative apparatus triggered by different qualities and intensities of the colour palette evokes a multitude of versatile and contrasting ‚monochrome states of minds‘. Without lapsing into banality, Sindroms unveils, issue after issue, all the complex and not seldom hidden layers of colours. So far it has been red, yellow, white before the pink issue hit our shelves. We e-met founder and Creative Director of Sindroms, Miruna Sorescu, to talk about her "obsessive-compulsive tendency of colour coding“ and how to translate this passion into print.


The fourth issue of Pressing Matters explores the broad reaches of the craft of printing. Visiting a collection of huge presses in Norway, a Czech studio mixing the methodological with the modern and conversing with Iranian printer (and paralympic athlete) Mohammad Barrangi Fashtami, plus presenting the brothers bringing attention to a near extinct animal with prints, these are some of Pressing Matters’ proposed projects taking us to new geographically and technically stretched limits. Meeting up with creative printers who conveniently use whole processes of printing to boost their work and enrich their personal lives. Interestingly, the making of this edition involves interactive field trips by the magazine's creator John Coe in which his two co-founders Jake Kennedy and Jo Hounsome plus twelve members of John’s family have participated. Buy...

What a beautiful magazine! Dazzling with a range of wildly saturated colours, fluorescent inks and oozing visuals, the second issue of Eye on Design presents a variety of designers and their works from different times and cultural backgrounds. A laborious attempt to capture in one title the plurality of experiences and the common associations between graphic design, sensorial and drug-induced, mind-bending experiments. In addition to touching on topics of mental health and substance abuse, Eye on Design speaks about the lesser known stories of the women who contributed to the explosive visual creativity of the post 1960s psychedelia and today’s equivalent to these years of kaleidoscopic posters, maddening patterns and healthy doses of optical illusion. Buy...

Most of the time when we think about colour, it’s the red, the blue, the green, the yellow, the orange and the purple that we talk about. Black and white aside, these are the colours that go through the rainbows. Yet, nature is quite rich with all sorts of colour varieties giving us more options than we tend to take. Some of these varieties are nicely assembled in this new Atlas of Rare and Familiar Colour, where ten basic colours are put in their historical context to serve as the starting point for more variations of colour pigments. Each of these are presented in tiny recipients with their name on, and a short description and their origin inscribed next to them. Buy...

Against the backdrop of Scandinavia’s dark seasons, Sindroms shines a bright, yellow light in search for poetically narrated stories, anecdotal notes and striking images. Compared to the previous issue which paid tribute to the colour red and the love, the passion, the violence, the risk and the fury we tend to associate with it, this second issue filters the prism of reality to focus on everything yellow, and therefore the happy, the optimistic, the friendly, or, the things that signal jealousy and states of anxiety. Buy...