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Record Culture Magazine

Record Culture Magazine

Surprise Subscription #14

In this month’s instalment of our Surprise Subscription, we are super excited to present the new issue of one of our all-time favourites – the fantastic Record Culture Magazine!

Karl Henkell, editor-in-chief of Record, thought of something special for us: a curated playlist to go along with this issue. Take a listen while you read our review!



Record, published twice a year, takes a deceptively simple format – long-form interviews accompanied by photos – and elevates it by the quality and integrity of its contributors. The magazine’s mission is to shine a light on the people intrinsic to niche music communities around the world, and it delivers every time.




While some of their contributors are well-known (house music maestro DJ Harvey and streetwear designer-slash-punk rocker Jun Takahashi appear in the new issue), many will leave you asking “who?” And more often than not, the answer is: your new favourite musician, producer, composer, DJ…




Through deeply personal and wide-ranging interviews, Record introduces you to creative people from all over the globe through their work and their taste in music. Each issue also includes a visual feature, such as a set of postcards sent in to a beloved radio show (Issue 9) or a collection of party invites sent by artist Keith Haring (Issue 4). But it’s the portraits of musicians and artists as listeners, surrounded by their music collections, that form the backbone of each issue: the love of collecting, be it vinyls, CDs, or even cassettes, is palpable throughout.





If you want to be surprised, too, sign up for our subscription here!


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